What can I do to better prepare myself for acceptance into the apprenticeship program?

It is important to realize that applications are assessed both in the context of an applicants particular application and in the context of an extremely competitive applicant pool. No minimum grade point average, class rank, specific training or experience is required to apply or to be accepted. However, the more thorough your application the more competitive your application will be. Finally, applicants competitive in our applicant pool reveal themselves and their personalities in well-written personal statements. Rather than tell us facts about themselves, they show us their uniqueness in a variety of different ways.

Some suggestions to Improve your application:

Before you enter any apprenticeship program, you should try to learn as much as you can about the specific apprenticeship program and the sponsoring organizations.

In work or in study, you should try to get some significant exposure to the specific craft you are interested in applying to. The US Department of Labor O*Net website has some useful information about UBC crafts that you may want to review:

Carpentry or Dry-Wall Applicator

Pile Driving or Commercial Diving

Floor Laying or Carpet Installers

Mill Cabinet

It is very valuable to take some outside classes in carpentry or related fields. We would strongly encourage you to take some courses or review basic mathematics, such as: